Does anyone know of a lending company or something that can give me a loan $5 to 8,000 with low credit score?

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I have been trying so many different ways to payoff my college debt along with some expense from a deceased family member. I just basically want to consolidate everything into a lower payment. I have even checked into other programs that just want me to defer payments until companies agree on closing amount, I don’t want to continue hurting my credit. I just want to pay them off with a loan, and then just make a one payment a month thing which I can pay in less than 3yrs. I am a full-time research associate, so its not like I dont make enough, but since I have a few credit cards and past-paid off accounts from 5-6 yrs ago, I can’t get any help. I even tried through prosper and they said because my score was low, which is about 600-650. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    March 1, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Well that really depends on several factors. First, if you have a local bank that you use and have a good relationship with, you may ask them about a personal or signature loan. Also if you have any local Credit Unions, they usually offer good rates and a little looser lending terms than the national banks. If your credit score is at least between 620 and 650, you have a chance of qualifying for a small personal loan. Keep in mind that with the current economy, lending is tighter than it was 2 years ago. Even if you could get approved for 3k or 4k, you could at least handle a big chunk of your debt at a lower interest rate. I would be happy to give you more detailed advice and even take a look at your situation in more detail at no charge to you. I have been a certified credit specialist for 7 years. I am the senior credit consultant at Trey Hall & Associates and a Credit Advisor / Financial Consultant for American Mortgage Group Inc. , in Dothan Alabama.

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