Audited Financial data shows that Palin left Wasilla,Alaska pop.6500 a debt of $20Million Does it bother you?

Do you consider her a good fiscal Manager based on the largest debt per-capita in the USA ?

Did you know that ALAska export over 1.5 Million Barrell of oil and several Billions of Cubic feet of Natural Gas to the rest of America?
And did you know that Alaska receives 7%-10% royalty from oil companies thus Based on $ 100/ Barrell its equal to $ 15 Million per day profit plus another $ 3 million per day from Nat Gas .
The grand total is Approx $ 18Million per day not bad for a pop of 600,000 . And for a year of 365 days its equal to $ 10,950 per year in net profits plus the $ 400 Million in Pork Barrell Earmarks a grand total of … you guessed it $ approx $ 12,000/per Alaskan paid for by the rest of us Americans.
Palin brags about giving back $ 1,500 per Alaskan ? well easy to do when you have an extra $ 12000 per citizen over and above revenues collected from ather tax bases such as property tax, other licensing, and corporate taxes, and yes including the $ 1500 bonus.
Let the Palin fanatics dispell this , she is no genius , she has fooled all Alaskans, ans all the rest of America.
Wake Up And Stand Up For America, don’t elect Palin as VP/President

11 thoughts on “Audited Financial data shows that Palin left Wasilla,Alaska pop.6500 a debt of $20Million Does it bother you?

  1. It was a bonded debt that she used to gain capital to build the sports complex in Wasilla.

    Not that big of a deal

  2. Mack & Sarah 08 says:

    Source? I didn’t think so ……

    I highly doubt she would have an 80% plus approval rating is that were the case…

    Sorry, foiled AGAIN!

    Your candidate is a fraud

  3. seriously?! you’re so full of it… you have nothing bad to say thats valid so you make up crap and hope that other people who are informed will see your post and think it’s true… pathetic!

  4. u_bin_called says:

    you raise an interesting point..

    …of course that point is this: Why can’t Obama supporters come up with this kind of detail from HIS experience…? Why can’t they put dollar figures on any of his “positive” works…?

    Certainly you must be able to find SOMETHING substantive in his past with that fine-toothed comb of yours…

  5. no it does not

    it only bothers you because you liberals can’t understand that she is better than BHO and will be our VP

  6. Lisa Newcar says:

    That’s nothing compared to Bush. Once again though, neocons do not care about economy. They care about blowing up terrorists, making women have babies (even if they were raped), and preventing the heathen gays from marrying. So they will blind themselves to any logic. There is nothing you can do.

    Go Obama

  7. With America’s current economic crises; Palin doesn’t deserve to be on the ticket; and certainly no consideration for McCain and his bad judgments.

    Obama-Biden 08

  8. caldude1010101 says:

    The entire issue about the sports complex, is that the City didn’t even have the rights to the land that they built it on. Thus it ran wildly over budget and the landowner had to be paid off.

  9. moo goo gai pan says:

    so where is you source?? Oh I see another Obamabot picking on Mc Cains VP but what I would like to know is where the hell is old hair plugs joe biden???? last I heard he was faking an indian accent visiting his local 7–11// man what a rug/////

  10. When a local government is in debt its because they put money into big projects. You make it sound like they overspent on operations – which is not the case. Shame on you for distorting the facts. You are obviously a community organizer that doesn’t understand responsiblities of small town governments and office holders.

  11. If you search you can find the facts.

    Yes, Waslla has more debt – by voter choice to improve their city.

    The Truth about the debt.

    Sarah Palin built the city’s first big sports complex, on time, under budget, and the bond will be paid off two years ahead of schedule[4].
    Much like New York now has a new stadium for the Yankees, Sarah Palin pushed through a much needed sports complex to improve the lives of the people of Wasilla.

    Nearing the end of its first full year of operation, the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex is boasting 20 to 50 percent increases in off-ice uses offered at the 102,000 square-foot facility.[4]

    WASLLA VOTERS agreed in 2002 to a half-percent increase in the city sales tax to pay off a $ 14.7 million bond to build the multi-use facility. The project “was completed on schedule and under budget,” Mayor Dianne Keller said, and the complex opened its doors March 6, 2004.[4]

    Sales tax revenue, which can only be used to pay the bond, is coming in faster than expected. Keller said she believes the facility will be paid off at least two years ahead of the 10-year schedule.[4]

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