As a Personal Trainer trained in specialized methods, how do I become able work with Medical Insurance claims?

As a personal trainer, I don’t have the ability to bill insurance companies for the specialized type of training I offer. I have been thinking about taking this method to Spinal Specialists and Physical Therapy centers. Prior to approaching Doctors and Physical Therapy centers, I would like to know what type of Billing Code they could use, so they can receive compensation for my efforts, hence making it more attractive for them to embrace the work I do. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

5 thoughts on “As a Personal Trainer trained in specialized methods, how do I become able work with Medical Insurance claims?

  1. There’s a difference between “personal trainer” and physical therapist. Body building is not professional healthcare.

  2. short and to the point says:

    personal trainer is not a covered expense under any plan.

    what do you specialize in?

  3. Go to a public library and look for a current book of CPT codes.

    This is a pretty thick book and these codes are used when providers bill insurance companies for their services.

    But it is doubtful even if you could find a section and specific code for what you do, you will not be reimbursed; the reason, like others stated, exercise (i know that is not the right term) would most likely be excluded by almost every policy out there.

    2nd; for your services to be considered, since out of the norm, a doctor most likely would have to refer the patient to you, which is unlikely.

    basically you are looking at ways to do the same type of therapy/rehab that a licensed provider does now. there is a reason that physical therapist have specialist training and degrees before they treat a patient. you would be better off and checking into a school where you could get this training.

    otherwise check into gyms where individuals would be looking for someone with your skills.

    good luck

  4. Call each one and ask what they cover, and what they require for you to become a provider.

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